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 Installation in 3 steps Perpendicular installation Parallel installation
TECH ZONE combines:
Suspension Systems.
Field Panels (FP, installed between technical zones).
Technical Panels (TP, installed in technical zones).
Technical Elements (TE: Luminaires, air diffusers, sound panels… installed in technical zones).
Our Omega Contractors have the necessary installation & technical experience to install your TECH ZONE project successfully.
Installation in 3 steps
How to install Armstrong® TECH ZONE ceiling system in 3 steps:
  1   Simple and fast assembly of Armstrong® TECH ZONE suspension systems to create 150 or 300mm wide technical zones, for luminaires, air diffusers, sprinklers, chilled beams and loudspeakers.
  2   Perfect integration of made-to-measure Technical Elements.
  3   Installation of made-to-measure ceiling tiles, including 150 or 300mm wide Technical Panels.
Perpendicular installation to the technical zone
Installing Main Runners perpendicular to the technical zone establishes set Technical Panel sizes for the integration of Technical Elements. Please note this is not compatible with Silhouette Main Runners.
Parallel installation to the technical zone
Installing Main Runners parallel to the technical zone results in a continuous open channel for easy integration of continuous lighting fittings, air diffusers or chilled beams. It also offers the possibility to integrate Technical Elements of different lengths by simply installing the 150 or 300mm Cross Tees at the appropriate location.
Click here to download the TECH ZONE Technical Guide
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