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Dune 9813M

Dune 9813M 500 x 500 x 15 MM

Item # 9813M

Visual Characteristics

Surface Dune
Edge detail MicroLook
Grid Face
Colour White
Dimensions 500 x 500 mm
Material Type Mineral

Compatible Suspension Systems

Exposed 15mm Design Grid System Interlude XL² HRC
Exposed 15mm Design Grid System Silhouette XL² 3mm
Exposed 15mm Grid System Universal Main Runners 15

Sustainability Characteristics

VOC Emissions A+
Armstrong Recycling Programme Y
Recycled Content (%) 34%
Recyclable (%) 100%
Environmental Product Declaration (ISO 14025) Y
Formaldehyde Emissions E1

Technical Characteristics

Sound absorption (alpha w) 0.55
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Sound absorption European Classification D
Sound absorption (NRC) 0.50
Sound attenuation Dncw (dB) 35
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Rain noise test  
Light reflectance (%) 84
Humidity resistance (RH%) 95
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 0.06
Weight (kg/m2) 3.70
Fire reaction
EEA Euroclass A2-s1,d0
Fire resistance
United Kingdom 1 hour BSB - 1/2 hour Timber - 1/2 Mezzanine